Thursday, September 11, 2014

Questions For Him #5

How do I see our relationship evolving in the future? 

I am not sure about this one. I have thoughts and fantasies that involve
playing in front of others. I want others to see what I can do to her, and what she does for me. I want others to feel the marks across her bare skin, to see the love she holds for me in her submission. I want to see another slave touch her in an understanding and supportive way. I want to attend get together's where she can kneel at my feet and nobody cares or looks at us funny or like we are weird. 
I am not sure that I could ever let another man touch her in the ways I do. I tend to be a very jealous man over my toys. I am not saying that it would never happen but who knows on that road. I do know that I want to see her grow even more into this role. I want to see how she takes on the new challenges of being in a new place and never taking her collar off. New to the area, nobody will know that it isn't a pretty necklace. And those that do know will share a quiet smile with us and go about their day. 

I want to see her blog grow and see how people read it and react to it. I look forward to getting her a tattoo that will be seen by all should she ever need to not wear the collar. I look forward to the idea of getting her nipples pierced and marking her further as mine. I can't wait to get home and see her in person with the new tail and ears I have bought her. The future holds so very much for us and I cannot wait to see it all unfold. 


  1. Many of these are desires my Master has as well. With family, jobs and crazy schedules it's hard to make some of it happen. But we all do what we can because growth is so important. Actually working on a post about that. Anyways, hopefully you two will be together soon:)