Saturday, May 31, 2014

Camping with Kids

It sounds like a simple thing but it is very very complicated. We love to camp - usually in tents with a campfire and roasted marshmallows- but lately we have been renting and trying out all the different types of campers. (This time is an ugly A-frame that I really do not like.) We are going to buy a camper when He comes home from his deployment and we want to do our research. Anyway....

Camping with two boys is hard enough but this time we are on top of each other. We have NO privacy. We can not even give each other a kiss without A screaming that it is gross. It's one of those trips where I would happily lock the kids in the camper just for a few minutes of quiet. We are still being our normal selves but we are missing the physical connection we have after a good spanking or rough play. 

He decided today that we needed to cut the trip short because 'the boys have swimming lessons on Monday.' It's nothing new- we do it all summer every summer- so I am not sure what changed other than our need to connect. We should be home in plenty of time tomorrow for a hot shower and a spanking. 

Trust me - I am not upset at all!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Hair

I cut my hair drastically every Spring and let it grow out for a year. I removed 11 inches this time! He added a red tint to my hair color this year and I really love the way it shines in the sunlight! I am just thankful that he did not dye it a bright red!

Scrubbing My Life Away...

It appears I am in trouble. Not big trouble, but trouble none the less.

Last night as I was cooking dinner He informed me that I WILL have the kitchen/dining room clean BEFORE He gets home today. I have gotten a little lax in my cleaning standards and the Kitchen no longer meets His expectations. I really hate deep cleaning anything, but the kitchen is my own special kind of Hell. I am a really messy cook - like flour on the ceiling when I make bread messy- so I am scrubbing everything. I have four more hours to get everything finished to meet His expectations and I am starting to worry that I might not make it.

Break time is over......Back to work.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


He was looking through my blog and decided to go to Big D lil s Life's blog to check my comments. (It really must be a lot of work for him to look at everything I do online everyday.) Then we had the following conversation by text.

Him : So Big D lil s has a nipple piercing.
me: Ok....Didn't know that.
Him:  There was a comment about it on their blog.
me:  Hmmm....Ok.....It seems like a lot of people have piercings.
Him: Yes. Your Next.  lol
me: lol
Him: I just have to decided where. And what.
me: Your Funny.
Him: That's a weird way to pronounce "yes sir"
me: I know. It is 'slave-anese'
Him: That is actually played.
me: Why Thank You Sir.

So I wonder if making him laugh will get me out of the spanking I know is coming? And maybe the piercing?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Too Much Space

We are shopping for a new mattress and it has been interesting to say the least. We used to have a Queen size bed and found that we had way too much space. We like to sleep next to each other...Not on separate sides of the room. So we traded in our Queen for a Full and are a lot happier.

Today we went looking for a new mattress. The saleswomen showed us the perfect mattress - a Tempur-Pedic that felt like heaven. Then she asked if we needed a Queen or a King. The look on her face when He said Full was priceless. After stuttering a bit she advised us to "upgrade" to a real bed. Why is it so hard for people to understand that we actually like to sleep with each other? I have the bed to myself enough when he is gone.

Plus I LOVE our bedroom set and would NEVER get rid of it. lol

Breaking the Rules

We started out trying to follow the rules. No intercourse until after my 6 week check up. So He has requested a lot of Blow Jobs. And Hand Jobs. And my poor ass has had more cum shot across it after a spanking than I care to think about.

Last night started out the same. He was laying on the bed enjoying a blow job. I just could not get into it. I felt terrible but the thought of doing it one more time was just not doing anything for me. He decided to take maters into his own hand. He flipped me over and started to rub himself against my pussy. Then He added a little lube and slowly pushed just the head of himself inside me. I froze. I was not in any pain but just the fear of pain was enough to make me worry.

He told me to relax as he slowly pushed himself halfway in. It felt wonderful to have him inside me. We did not move for a very long time. Next he handed me my favorite little vibrator and told me to make myself cum. It did not take long and He came as I started to climax. It was actually really great and the first time in our 15 year history that He has not moved while inside me.

He says we are not going to break the rules again but I have my doubts.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wash, Rinse, Repeat....

Some days (like today) it feels like I do the same small tasks over and over.

Clean the Master Bath.
Make the Bed.
Wash the Dishes.

It would be really nice if life was like a BDSM romance novel. Rich Master who takes his slave on a trip with fancy hotels and room service and LOTS of kinky, ass spanking sex....  But we all know that is just a fantasy and I live a much less glamorous life as a slave who has a long list of chores that He wants done.

Now back to reality....A is waking up from his nap soon and the dishwater is getting cold.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The First of Many

We had a great night. The kids went to bed on time. We watched a few TV shows and then he told me to go to the bedroom so I could 'help' him. It turned out to be a wonderful night.

He bent me over the bed once I was undressed (which happens to be my favorite spanking position) and started spanking me lightly with his hand. It was just hard enough for my ass to sting a little bit. Then he started to tease me with a vibrator. I immediately jumped. The thought of having an orgasm so soon after my surgery scared the crap out of me. He placed his hand on the middle of my back and forced me back onto the bed. He told me to Trust Him.

I laid back down and tried to relax. He teased and played with me while spanking me with his hand and the ping-pong paddle. It felt so us. Then he told me the magic words - Cum for me. And I had the first orgasm since my surgery.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Finally Joined

I finally joined FetLife. I have put if off for so very very long but the need to find others to talk to has won out. I have to find friends, and groups, and just figure it all out. It is kinda stressful.

Long Road to Recovery

Waiting for 6 weeks to have sex after my surgery is getting a little old. He is being great. Loving, helpful, and very attentive. He uses our shower time to relieve himself but it is doing nothing for me. He "pulled" my hair last night in the shower but it wasn't anything like normal. It's like He is afraid to cause me pain. 

I am so ready for our life to be back to normal. 

Maybe the World Needs More D/S

We spent the weekend with my parents. I grew up on a small farm/ranch and really miss the country life. We don't get to go home nearly as much as I would like but that is the Military life. I always find it hard to merge my family and my submission. Our lifestyle is private and they would not understand or approve.

I found myself thinking several times over the weekend that other couples could use a little D/s. My parents love each other but they fight sometimes over the craziest things. Things that we never fight about. My Mom makes little comments about how my Dad does something and then my Dad will blurt something back. And then the fight is on.

If I said the things she said, the way she said, I would find myself getting a spanking or (worse to me) a hard pinch on one of the soft parts of my body that immediately bruises. He is able to sneak these painful little pinches in when we are not alone and I can not let others know I am in discomfort. No tears, no little whimper. Nothing. I just have to stand there and take it. I think that is why he likes it.

But - back to my original train of thought.

Why do vanilla couples judge our lifestyle? We never fight. We love each other for who we really are - a Dominate and a submissive. How can they honestly think that their lifestyle full of disagreements and snarky comments is better than ours?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bad, Bad Slave

We had to work on the dog's electric fence yesterday.

I have a 130 pound Great Dane - Roxie - and a 36" fence. They do not go together. Roxie can just step over the fence if she wants and I am always afraid I will come home to an empty back yard.

So....Back to the story. We were working on the fence. He was getting frustrated because nothing we did seemed to fix the problem and we HAD to leave. He change the wire one more time. Nothing. He adjusted the plug in. Felt the fence - Still Nothing.

Then he redid the connection for the tenth time.

Felt the fence.


It was finally working and He received a really bad shock. And I was laughing so hard that I could not breathe. Or help him up. Or keep the dogs off of Him. All I could do was laugh as He said a string of cuss words.

Yes. I am a very bad slave and  I am sure I will be punished for laughing at His misfortune.

But I am pretty sure I would take a spanking just to see that again. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Vanilla Day

Some days it feels like we live in a strange, very vanilla world. Today was one of those days.

Everything was fine. I took care of A. Did housework and homework and went to D's science fair. He went to work and did whatever it is he does all day. We just didn't talk like we normally do. We didn't text little notes back and forth. He lived his day. I lived mine. Its as simple as that.

I hope tomorrow is better.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Unexpected Trip

He just called. We get to go stay overnight in the 'city'.  ( Its not really a city - just 200,000 people - but it is so much better than our little town of 17,000. ) I love getting to go to a Hotel. I love getting to go to a restaurant. Hell, I love going anywhere that isn't here.

After I got through doing my happy dance it finally sunk in. We are going to the City and taking both boys with us. Yup. No playing. It only took a second for me to regain my happiness and start making the mental lists of everything I have to do before 3 pm.

I have my two week check up tomorrow and will hopefully get released to do more activities. No sex....but maybe a little more.  Fingers Crossed!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Set Back....

He requires a well cared for yard and empty flower beds are not allowed. Everything has to have color and be perfectly kept.  I love working in the yard and playing in the dirt so I have never had a problem meeting his expectations. This year is a little challenging since I am still getting over my hysterectomy. He has helped me get the garden beds ready this weekend and I am almost ready to plant everything. The only problem is that I hurt. I am crampy and sore today. We have spent most of the day siting on the couch watching TV instead of enjoying the sunshine. I am so ready to be back to normal!

Friday, May 2, 2014

So Much To Do

The last couple of days have been very busy and I am sure it is only going to get worse. He is still going to work late and coming home early to help me with the boys. I am still unable to drive so he gets to do all the drop offs and pick ups. It is so nice having him here but I know it will make next week even harder for me.

Yesterday he came home and did the yard work for me. I tried to help a little but kept getting in trouble. It is so hard for me to watch him and the boys doing work that is normally mine. Then we were off to soccer practice for A and D. They LOVE soccer and spend a lot of their free time kicking the ball around. It was nice to get to go somewhere. I have been cooped up for 10 days and I am starting to hate our house. 

I am looking forward to the weekend with the family. Hopefully we will get a lot checked off the "Oh Crap - He is Deploying and We Have To Get This Shit Done" list. It is a rather long list. And yes - It is actually called that.