Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chickens, Rules, and Trouble

About a month ago Daddy surprised me with a box of adorable little chickens. They were all fluff and peeps. I was instantly in love with them. We set up their own little yard with a cute little coop. Every day I spend time cleaning their dishes and watching them scratch the ground looking for little bugs and snacks. They are just wonderful. 

Today we had a storm come in and my little babies were running around in their yard. Daddy told me He would take care of them for me and for me to stay in the house dry and safe. It wasn't that hard of a thing to do. Just stay put. But nope....Not me. I had to do the exact opposite of what He said. I went out and put the girls in the coop while He was getting their food. He didn't really say anything but I got that "look". 

I really need to start listening. How hard is it to just do what He says? I don't have that many rules. He doesn't ask me to do crazy things. He just wanted me to stay inside out of the storm but I just had to go out. 

I am sure I will hear more about this when the kids are in bed. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Smart Mouth Problems

I think He is getting His groove back. Apparently I have a smart mouth and that causes problems for my hind end. I didn't even realize I had been telling Him what to do or ignoring His requests but He noticed. I was making the bed and He walked up next to me and placed a hand on my back. The next thing I knew He had me bent over the bed and placed a firm swat against my back side.

I was a good girl....for about three swats.

Then it all went down hill. Fast.

Throwing elbows during a spanking is never a wise move, but actually making contact with Daddy's jaw was completely stupid. He is stronger than He looks and can hold me in place with just one hand. And that leaves His other hand for swinging. My back side hurt so much and by the time I was allowed up I felt horrible for acting the way I did.

It may take me a while to remember my place but I am really glad He is starting to take control again.