Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canes and Things

My email is very interesting with Him gone. I never know when I will open an email and find pictures of my ass. It is kinda strange and exciting.

Today's email included this lovely picture of my stripey red ass. Canes became very interesting to Him in the months before His deployment. Blogs and photos of stripey asses became a very common sight and I became very nervous at the fate of my ass. Finally one night He decided our normal play time spanking was not enough. He warmed my ass up with His hand for a while. Nothing painful but the kind of swats that just melt me. Once my ass was slightly red He pulled out a cane.

I have never been struck by a cane before. He prefers His hand, or a ping pong paddle, or occasionally a wooden spoon. Nothing prepared me for the cane.  The swishing sound as it came towards my ass was terrifying. The sting as it hit my ass was unlike anything I had felt before. I had to focus and breathe deeply in order to make myself accept the next hit. Before I had gathered myself I heard the second swing passing through the air. It hit slightly higher than the first. It was all I could do to stay laying across our bed.

I knew I had to do this for my Sir. I could not use our safe word and I really did not want to. As this realization came to me I was able to take a deep breath. The third swing came towards my ass and I was ready. I didn't count the number of hits but my pretty red lines speak for themselves.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Quiet Time

Since He left I have spent time in my corner every night. He wants me to use this time to reflect on my day and to try and center myself.  So far I have failed miserably at it. I kneel by His chair on my pillows and I think about everything. My chore list that seems to be growing out of control. My children and their latest issues or appointments I forgot to make. My best real world vanilla friend who is leaving in just a few weeks and how alone I will feel once she is gone. My toxic family and all their problems. I even worry about what color I am going to paint our living room. I think about everything and wind up more stressed than when I sat down. 

I realized something tonight as I sat in my corner for quiet time. All of the things I was stressing over really don't matter. I have a husband and Master who loves me. I please Him and care for His home the way He wants. My children are smart and happy and healthy. Yes, the house can get messy but all the important things are done. 

I am terrible at corner time. I will always make my mental lists and stress over the little things. I will always find my mind racing and the off button broken. But tonight, for just a moment, I was able to stop my mind and just breathe. It didn't last long but I am happy with my small bit of peace. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good News

We have been stationed at the same base for a total of 8 years. It is a nice small town. We own a home, have friends, are close to family, and generally like it. BUT it has been 8 years in the same place with high crime rates, most people do not speak English and I do not speak Spanish, and we are close to family.

Yes, I know our family was on the good and the bad list.   ;)

We joined the military to see the world. We wanted to travel. Move to Italy or Japan and let our kids experience everything the world can offer us. We are literally 20 mins from our home state. My family is less than 2 hours from us. This is not seeing the world.

Thankfully we received a new assignment. We will be moving after He comes home to a wonderful base. It isn't Italy but I am happy to just get out of here. I have so much to do but I also have over 6 months until he comes home.

I am also happy to announce that I will start the "30 days of Submission" that I have read on so many different blogs on August 1st. My dear friend over at Big D lil s will be doing it with me so hopefully we will be able to keep each other on track. Maybe.....Ok. It may take us longer than the 30 days - We are busy slaves after all - but we will try to answer all the questions.

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Collar

Another Picture from Him. 

We have had a 'play collar' for a while. It was used during our play time to connect the hook from my ass to my neck. He has pulled me around with it and pulled it against my throat in a way that it choked me from behind. It has always been for fun.

He bought me a beautiful new collar before he left. I never really thought about wearing a collar. It wasn't a big deal to me and I kinda just looked at it as a piece of jewelry. My play collar doesn't really do anything for me emotionally so why would a new one be any different?


He had me kneel before Him so He could place the new collar around my neck. The feel of the metal on my skin was one of the most erotic things I have felt in my life. Then I became shaky as the collar was locked into place and I could feel the full weight of it around my neck. I stayed kneeled before Him with my head down just waiting for His next command.

The feeling of the collar was more than I ever thought it could be. Something so little had brought me to a place I had never been. I have never felt so submissive. I have never wanted to serve Him more.

We played that night, but I really don't remember the details. I just remember how it felt when the collar was pulled against my throat. How it sounded when the chain from the ass hook was clipped to the rings on my collar. When we removed it I felt like He was taking a part of me. Like my submissiveness was absorbed into that small piece of metal. My collar is sitting in the jewelry box just waiting for Him to come home and place it around my neck.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

His New Rule

Our friends at Bid D lil s have been a wonderful blessing in so many ways. s and I text all the time and we are even planning a trip together. She has quickly become one of my best friends and I can not thank her enough for all the support she has shown me over the last few weeks. But her friendship has created a new rule in our house.

Apparently He likes her perfect nails more than He likes my chipped, garden stained nails. So He created a new rule for me right before He left. I am required to get a manicure and a pedicure as often as needed in order to maintain feminine and polished nails. This is the first appearance rule He has created and I am not sure how I feel about it.

I admit my nails look great (I have not had a pedicure yet) and they do make me feel more girly but it seems like a wasteful expense. I rarely spend money on myself and it makes me feel uncomfortable to do so. It doesn't really matter how I feel about my nails because He LOVES them.

I am starting to worry about how many more 'girly rules' He will come up with now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Email Surprises

He is half a world away but I received this photo of my ass today. He plans on sending me photos while He is gone for me to add here. I didn't even know He had taken so many! 

He was very happy before He left that we were able to play with our N-Joy. It has been sitting in its box for almost three months. It was uncomfortable the first time we tried it but this time it was able to go all the way in. He has been working up to the 2.0 and I have continually had to ask for him to stop. I am so thankful for his compassion when it comes to anal play. It is the only time I am allowed to "Tap Out".  


On a side note:

I think I am going to buy him a camera for the bedroom. I didn't realize He liked to take pictures so much and I am not a fan of cell phone pictures...The quality is just not there. Maybe something waterproof so I can wash it.    ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I learned a very valuable lesson tonight. When you have a sunburn with blisters on your boobs it would be best to avoid golden showers. 

It hurts. It hurts really really bad. 

And he thought it was really really funny. 


After reading this post He was a little upset. He did not think it was 'really really funny'. 

He thought it was 'fucking hilarious'.  

I think he is a keeper.    ;)

Celebrating Just a Little

I finished my BA in Environmental Studies this week!

I feel a little lost not having classes and homework but I am so excited to be done with that part of my life. Now I just need to decide what I am going to do with my degree in a place that offers very little work for military spouses and does not care about the environment. Maybe I will continue being a stay at home slave and focus on our relationship.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And We Keep Going

So much has happened over the last two weeks. He has been home getting ready for His upcoming deployment. We have gear and equipment and uniforms all over the house. He has gotten His "Oh Crap" list almost completed and I have worked on getting everything organized for our long distance relationship. We have had many new experiences during our play time and He took a lot of pictures that I plan of posting in the upcoming week.

But for right now I am going to enjoy Him being home for a couple more days.