Thursday, March 26, 2015

Helping a Fellow Blogger

I have read many blogs for a long time and one of them is Kink and Poly. Jade has shared her life with her readers for a long time and has become a cyber friend to many. She lives with two men who she loves and now her life is being torn apart by judgmental and closed minded family members. 

Please go read her story, and if you can, please donate towards her legal fees. Warren's family has taken his stroke as an opportunity to tear him away from the life he has created. His lifestyle (like most of ours) is not up to his family- it is a personal choice that he made before his illness.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Settling In

The move is finally over. We are in our home.

The boxes are still stacked in the guest room and the garage but I am slowly getting everything set up. We have TV and internet so I can at least have a little contact with the outside world. The boys are settling in at their new schools and they really like them. We are playing catch up with A since they require a lot more of Kindergartners here than they did at our last base. D is still way ahead of his class but they are working to set up a more challenging program for him.

Daddy is settling in at work and is already leaving again. I know it is His job and I know that He loves it but really????  He just got home and we just moved so I am not ready to send Him away again - even for a short trip.

Our life is nothing like it was a year ago but I am sure we will all get into the swing of things. I am going to try to catch up on blogs in the next couple of days.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Move Update

We are officially in Utah.

Our move did not go smoothly. We drove for two days in a blizzard pulling trailers through the mountains. The snow and ice was so bad that my Pathfinder was having a hard time. The ice was completely packed into the engine and the trailer I pulled was so covered in ice that it pulled the wiring for the lights completely off the trailer. We did not make it to the reserved cabin the first day. Thankfully we found a hotel that would take most of our animals (and we snuck in everyone else).

We drove 12 hours the second day and made it to Salt Lake City during rush hour, in a snow storm, with no trailers lights. I am proud to say that I drove through it all and I made it safely to the boarding facility and no one died. AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!

So we are in a hotel for the next week or so. Nothing really fun is going on and we are just trying to find some sort of normalcy.