Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Questions For Him #1

I had several questions for Him after I finished my 30 days of submission. Sir was very open to the idea of answering some of them for me to put on my blog. It feels kinda strange to have someone else's words on my very personal blog but His answers are really wonderful.   :)

What did I learn in her 30 days of submission posts?

My pet just finished her 30 days of submission and I think I may have learned more than she did. I saw her grow when she realized that she was really in the role that she was meant to be in. That her consent to this role, her commitment to her place in this world, was seeded so many years ago. It is my job to ensure that she is always safe and taken care of. She knows that she can talk to me about anything as long as she does it in the right way. And she knows what the right way is. She is willing to grow in this role and her knowing this, her realizing this, has made me happier than I have ever been in my life.


  1. I absolutely love this! How awesome of your Master to do this with you. :) Very awesome hon! xx

  2. I think so....Now I just have to come up with questions! lol

  3. Hey you didn't tell me you were going to start lol. I think I have the other questions saved still :) love his answer ❤️

    1. I sent them to Him while He was away. I just received His answers and had to share them. :)