Sunday, September 7, 2014

Questions For Him #3

How do I see the pet dynamic playing out?

I am not sure on this one either. I want to see her grow as my pet. I see the pet dynamic much like the Daddy/little one (only without feeling odd about it) I am not saying there is anything wrong with any lifestyle, but I just can't do the Daddy thing. With the pet scene I am still her Master. I will always be her Master but with this, there comes some extra perks for me. I am not into bestiality by any means, but the ownership of a pet is like that of a slave. She will eat when I let her, use the restroom when it is time, get groomed regularly and yes.she will wear a tail and lay at my feet. It might be a clip on for her clothes, or it might be a plug inside of her. But she will wear one. She will not get on the furniture without permission. She will be shaved in all the right places. She will have a collar and leash. And I will throw her a bone when she is good and punish her when she is bad. I want to get a cage for her to sit in for her kneeling time. Her reflection time. I see it as a good thing for her to have her own time for a little while. But it will be under my rules, like everything else.

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