My Rules

At Home...

  1. The Dinning Room Table will be kept clean.
  2. Make Master's Daddy's bed every morning. Change the sheets/blankets once a week.
  3. Keep the Kitchen clean and orderly.
  4. Maintain the yard and flower beds to His standards. 
  5. Keep the Master Bathroom clean and orderly. 
  6. Meet Master at the front door when he returns from work.
  7. Once the kids are in bed I am to only address Him as Daddy. 

In Public...

  1. Do not get in or out of the vehicle unless He opens the car door for me.
  2. Do not open doors for myself.
  3. When eating at a restaurant I am to tell Master what I would like to eat and drink. He will then take my wishes into account and order what He would like for me. I will not get upset or act out about His decision. 

Girly Rules...

  1. A Manicure and Pedicure is required at all times. 

  1. I am allowed to work part time as long as the job has flexible hours and will not interfere with me serving my Master. He is my Full Time job.   Sir has decided that I will not work away from our home after reading my 30 Days of Submission posts. He will continue to be my full time job. More on this here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. They are slowly building on each other so that we can get to the place He wants. He is taking His time so I don't get too over whelmed by them. :)