Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Something New

We returned from our camping trip on Sunday exhausted. It is wonderful getting away from everything and spoiling our children. We went on a tour of the Caverns, hiked, and watched the boys play on the playground. It was wonderful. We took the boys to the river to play before packing up camp and heading home. They LOVED floating down the river with us and we stayed a lot longer than we had planned.

Once home, after the long drive, we had to unpack and get everything ready for our week which took forever. We finally had some alone time late that night while taking our shower. He has mentioned 'water-sports' off and on for the last couple of weeks. Not a real conversation about it, just little off comments that only a slave would pick up on. I knew what was coming.

Sunday during the shower He decided that we would 'start slow'. He had me face Him and then I felt his warm piss run down my legs. He slowly turned me around until He was relieving himself across my ass.  He was rock hard when He finished and He quickly came. He told me that it was one of the most fulfilling things He has ever done. I am sure we will be trying it again in the near future. My only problem was that I did not get a lot out of it. Maybe it was the position we were in or the fact that I was not really expecting Him to try it so soon. I think it needs to be more ritualistic for me. A way for me to kneel before him and worship the wonderful Master that I have. Who knows?  I did go to bed feeling very frustrated since it had been four days since I had been allowed to cum. The joys of being a slave.


  1. Mine has yet to "mark" me. It's been discussed. I wonder if it is because you weren't on your knees there was no fulfillment. I would think being on your knees emphasizes the power exchange, therefore the feeling that you've been controlled.

    1. I believe He will make me kneel next time since He did get a lot of enjoyment out of the act. I hope that gives me more fulfillment instead of it being just something we do for Him.

    2. Think of it as Him marking His territory.

  2. I agree that keeling is helpful to the mindset. But baby steps are good too. :)

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