Wednesday, June 25, 2014

His New Toy...

He bought it a while back, but with my surgery and His training schedule it was pushed to the back of the collection. Plus, it really did not look like something I would be very happy about. Ass hooks are not pretty. They do not look comfortable. And honestly I dislike trying out new toys. I like to stay with our tried and true toys.

I was less than happy when He decided to try it out right before He left for training. He ran the cold chain and hook over my body and I tried to get away. It felt like it had been in the freezer. (It hadn't - our room is just really really cold all the time.) Once He warmed it up on my body He inserted the hook for the first time and connected it to my play collar with the chain. It really wasn't bad. It is actually more comfortable than many of the plugs we own except for the fact that it is connected to my collar.

I like to hide my head in the bed. And to have a blindfold on. And to play in the dark. He doesn't.

With the hook and chain He achieved one of His biggest goals. I could not hide. I had to keep my head up or face the uncomfortable consequences. He enjoyed it of course....and actually I did too.

On a side note. 

I really hate the way I look. I have weight to loose. I am glow in the dark white. My ass is too big. I have had two kids and all the stretchmarks to prove it. 

Every time He sends me a picture to post I cringe a little bit. It is very hard to look at them and it is terrifying to post them online for everyone to see. Tonight I actually found myself liking my curves. Yes, I have weight to loose but I look pretty good.   :)

Maybe His plans are working. 


  1. and you didn't share before you posted this online are beautiful! real women give birth have stretch marks, and some weight but we have to remember our men love us exactly how we are. Its the stretch marks,weight gain grey hair whatever that show us where we have been in life,and our men have taken the journey with us. I love this post, it shows your growing ... xoxo

    1. Nope...I didn't share before. I couldn't think of a way to start that conversation.

      "Hello my dear friend. Here is a picture of the ass hook...and my ass."

      That doesn't sound right. ;)