Wednesday, May 21, 2014


He was looking through my blog and decided to go to Big D lil s Life's blog to check my comments. (It really must be a lot of work for him to look at everything I do online everyday.) Then we had the following conversation by text.

Him : So Big D lil s has a nipple piercing.
me: Ok....Didn't know that.
Him:  There was a comment about it on their blog.
me:  Hmmm....Ok.....It seems like a lot of people have piercings.
Him: Yes. Your Next.  lol
me: lol
Him: I just have to decided where. And what.
me: Your Funny.
Him: That's a weird way to pronounce "yes sir"
me: I know. It is 'slave-anese'
Him: That is actually played.
me: Why Thank You Sir.

So I wonder if making him laugh will get me out of the spanking I know is coming? And maybe the piercing?


  1. Oh lord ... I do my nipples and my girl done ... D was insistent on both and you know I love them! I'll send you pics if you want ?:)

  2. Sure- send pics! I don't know if I could get piercings. It just sounds really really painful.

  3. I'm writing a post about piercing so go peek in a bit I'll post pics too :)