Monday, May 19, 2014

Breaking the Rules

We started out trying to follow the rules. No intercourse until after my 6 week check up. So He has requested a lot of Blow Jobs. And Hand Jobs. And my poor ass has had more cum shot across it after a spanking than I care to think about.

Last night started out the same. He was laying on the bed enjoying a blow job. I just could not get into it. I felt terrible but the thought of doing it one more time was just not doing anything for me. He decided to take maters into his own hand. He flipped me over and started to rub himself against my pussy. Then He added a little lube and slowly pushed just the head of himself inside me. I froze. I was not in any pain but just the fear of pain was enough to make me worry.

He told me to relax as he slowly pushed himself halfway in. It felt wonderful to have him inside me. We did not move for a very long time. Next he handed me my favorite little vibrator and told me to make myself cum. It did not take long and He came as I started to climax. It was actually really great and the first time in our 15 year history that He has not moved while inside me.

He says we are not going to break the rules again but I have my doubts.


  1. Naughty naughty! Some spankings for breaking a rule is in order lol ... Your close to the 6 week mark who doesn't have sex before the 6 week postpartum ?:) if all the pipes work go with it ! my medical side should scold you ! Lol

    1. I have heard from other women that sex hurts after a hysterectomy but last night was not uncomfortable at all- YAY!!! Thankfully He has not decided to punish me for breaking that rule! lol

      We made it over 4 weeks...That is as good as we can do. :)

  2. I would of made it maybe two lol

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