Saturday, May 31, 2014

Camping with Kids

It sounds like a simple thing but it is very very complicated. We love to camp - usually in tents with a campfire and roasted marshmallows- but lately we have been renting and trying out all the different types of campers. (This time is an ugly A-frame that I really do not like.) We are going to buy a camper when He comes home from his deployment and we want to do our research. Anyway....

Camping with two boys is hard enough but this time we are on top of each other. We have NO privacy. We can not even give each other a kiss without A screaming that it is gross. It's one of those trips where I would happily lock the kids in the camper just for a few minutes of quiet. We are still being our normal selves but we are missing the physical connection we have after a good spanking or rough play. 

He decided today that we needed to cut the trip short because 'the boys have swimming lessons on Monday.' It's nothing new- we do it all summer every summer- so I am not sure what changed other than our need to connect. We should be home in plenty of time tomorrow for a hot shower and a spanking. 

Trust me - I am not upset at all!


  1. Boys are icky lol ... Go home put the kids in front of the tv and go love on each other :) ~ s

  2. You now know a requirement for the future camper - privacy!

    1. Thankfully we are buying our own camper when he returns from his deployment and privacy is the number one thing we are looking for!