Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bad, Bad Slave

We had to work on the dog's electric fence yesterday.

I have a 130 pound Great Dane - Roxie - and a 36" fence. They do not go together. Roxie can just step over the fence if she wants and I am always afraid I will come home to an empty back yard.

So....Back to the story. We were working on the fence. He was getting frustrated because nothing we did seemed to fix the problem and we HAD to leave. He change the wire one more time. Nothing. He adjusted the plug in. Felt the fence - Still Nothing.

Then he redid the connection for the tenth time.

Felt the fence.


It was finally working and He received a really bad shock. And I was laughing so hard that I could not breathe. Or help him up. Or keep the dogs off of Him. All I could do was laugh as He said a string of cuss words.

Yes. I am a very bad slave and  I am sure I will be punished for laughing at His misfortune.

But I am pretty sure I would take a spanking just to see that again. 

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