Monday, May 12, 2014

Maybe the World Needs More D/S

We spent the weekend with my parents. I grew up on a small farm/ranch and really miss the country life. We don't get to go home nearly as much as I would like but that is the Military life. I always find it hard to merge my family and my submission. Our lifestyle is private and they would not understand or approve.

I found myself thinking several times over the weekend that other couples could use a little D/s. My parents love each other but they fight sometimes over the craziest things. Things that we never fight about. My Mom makes little comments about how my Dad does something and then my Dad will blurt something back. And then the fight is on.

If I said the things she said, the way she said, I would find myself getting a spanking or (worse to me) a hard pinch on one of the soft parts of my body that immediately bruises. He is able to sneak these painful little pinches in when we are not alone and I can not let others know I am in discomfort. No tears, no little whimper. Nothing. I just have to stand there and take it. I think that is why he likes it.

But - back to my original train of thought.

Why do vanilla couples judge our lifestyle? We never fight. We love each other for who we really are - a Dominate and a submissive. How can they honestly think that their lifestyle full of disagreements and snarky comments is better than ours?


  1. oh I totally understand ! Did you read our last post very similar thoughts ... Makes you never wanna go around vanilla couples ... We've had similar thoughts when out like why why do they talk or act this way when it's very simple to fix ... Maybe we all just actually have the right answers lol .... I'm to the point where we interact very little with the vanilla peeps , we stay where we are comfortable in our bubble ❤️

    1. I have mentioned to Him while out, "She needs a spanking!" I would get into so much trouble if I acted out like others do.

      I am playing catch up on my blog reading so I will have to go read your post!

  2. I wouldnt say its that they think their lifestyle is better than those that practice D/s, but rather its a lack of understanding of the unknown, i dont think either is better than the other.

    This isnt a lifestyle for everyone, your parents love each other, their happy, it works for them, D/s may well is not a fix for relationships....or to make relationships better its just different, i dont like to be judged about my life choices so i try not to judge others.

    Who is anyone to say what is right/acceptable for another.

    just putting a different perspective on this.


    1. Good point....I will think on it some more.