Monday, May 12, 2014

Long Road to Recovery

Waiting for 6 weeks to have sex after my surgery is getting a little old. He is being great. Loving, helpful, and very attentive. He uses our shower time to relieve himself but it is doing nothing for me. He "pulled" my hair last night in the shower but it wasn't anything like normal. It's like He is afraid to cause me pain. 

I am so ready for our life to be back to normal. 


  1. Im rooting for you girl ! D is leaving in June for a month and I'm so not excited about not being normal :( I hope your better soon I know how no sex might drive one stir crazy !

    1. I am sorry he is leaving again! I guess we can keep each other company while they are gone.

  2. For sure ! We can be sad together talk about all the thing we want and can't have :) sounds like the begnning of a great friendship ! Lol