Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canes and Things

My email is very interesting with Him gone. I never know when I will open an email and find pictures of my ass. It is kinda strange and exciting.

Today's email included this lovely picture of my stripey red ass. Canes became very interesting to Him in the months before His deployment. Blogs and photos of stripey asses became a very common sight and I became very nervous at the fate of my ass. Finally one night He decided our normal play time spanking was not enough. He warmed my ass up with His hand for a while. Nothing painful but the kind of swats that just melt me. Once my ass was slightly red He pulled out a cane.

I have never been struck by a cane before. He prefers His hand, or a ping pong paddle, or occasionally a wooden spoon. Nothing prepared me for the cane.  The swishing sound as it came towards my ass was terrifying. The sting as it hit my ass was unlike anything I had felt before. I had to focus and breathe deeply in order to make myself accept the next hit. Before I had gathered myself I heard the second swing passing through the air. It hit slightly higher than the first. It was all I could do to stay laying across our bed.

I knew I had to do this for my Sir. I could not use our safe word and I really did not want to. As this realization came to me I was able to take a deep breath. The third swing came towards my ass and I was ready. I didn't count the number of hits but my pretty red lines speak for themselves.


  1. I like the photo :). Good job pet!

  2. Wonderful picture and marks. I love the marks a cane leaves. :) I think it is so awesome that your Sir emails you like this during his deployment. :)

    1. I am enjoying the photos and it really makes blogging a little easier for me while He is gone. Thank you for stopping by!