Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good News

We have been stationed at the same base for a total of 8 years. It is a nice small town. We own a home, have friends, are close to family, and generally like it. BUT it has been 8 years in the same place with high crime rates, most people do not speak English and I do not speak Spanish, and we are close to family.

Yes, I know our family was on the good and the bad list.   ;)

We joined the military to see the world. We wanted to travel. Move to Italy or Japan and let our kids experience everything the world can offer us. We are literally 20 mins from our home state. My family is less than 2 hours from us. This is not seeing the world.

Thankfully we received a new assignment. We will be moving after He comes home to a wonderful base. It isn't Italy but I am happy to just get out of here. I have so much to do but I also have over 6 months until he comes home.

I am also happy to announce that I will start the "30 days of Submission" that I have read on so many different blogs on August 1st. My dear friend over at Big D lil s will be doing it with me so hopefully we will be able to keep each other on track. Maybe.....Ok. It may take us longer than the 30 days - We are busy slaves after all - but we will try to answer all the questions.


  1. Only you or I could drag 30 days out lol. I'm way excited to start! And way excited for your move !

    1. Me to! And I can not wait until we are able to plan a weekend trip somewhere! :)

  2. That is awesome, congrats! I always loved that feeling of knowing we were being transferred somewhere new.

    I look forward to seeing you and lil's 30 days of submission. Everyone seems to really enjoy it on mine. :)


    1. I have enjoyed reading yours! I really like the questions and can not wait to work through them.


    2. Thank you! :) I'm enjoying doing them. :) And it is helping me get back into the habit of posting. lol xx

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