Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Email Surprises

He is half a world away but I received this photo of my ass today. He plans on sending me photos while He is gone for me to add here. I didn't even know He had taken so many! 

He was very happy before He left that we were able to play with our N-Joy. It has been sitting in its box for almost three months. It was uncomfortable the first time we tried it but this time it was able to go all the way in. He has been working up to the 2.0 and I have continually had to ask for him to stop. I am so thankful for his compassion when it comes to anal play. It is the only time I am allowed to "Tap Out".  


On a side note:

I think I am going to buy him a camera for the bedroom. I didn't realize He liked to take pictures so much and I am not a fan of cell phone pictures...The quality is just not there. Maybe something waterproof so I can wash it.    ;)


  1. and don't forget a tripod when you get the camera :) xoxox

  2. My Master is away as well, what a neat thing for your Master have you do while apart.

    New follower here, and enjoying your blog already! :)


  3. Thank you!

    I am not sure how happy I am about it....Who knew He could take so many pictures without me knowing it?


  4. Will look forward to more pictures. Love the one you posted.