Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So much to do....

The last few months have been very hard for me. I have been anemic for years (like 15 years) and no one really seemed to care. I would fall asleep while doing the dishes. It was crazy! I finally pushed hard enough and received a referral to a hematologist. I love Dr. Mac. He is so supportive and explains everything to me several times. My iron was so low that he did not know how I was still going. We started IV iron in January and I am now "normal". (A word that is rarely used to describe me.) Now I am scheduled for a hysterectomy next week. Apparently my monthly visit from hell is causing all the problems so we are doing away with it. (I am actually very happy about this!)

So now with less than a week until the surgery I am in panic mode. He has not cooked in...well ever. He doesn't clean the house or take the kids to school or any of the other things I do. I am expecting about a week of laying around and sleeping so I need at least a week worth of food He can fix. And we don't eat processed foods. Everything is from scratch (Except for my Lucky Charms....I can't give up my cereal!)

Now He has decided to invite a bunch of people over for Easter. Our house is small (about 1600 square feet) and He wants to have 9 adults, 6 kids, and our family for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. With so many people here I have to have every room clean and perfect. People will be everywhere so there is no hiding crap in my room and closing the door.

I am a very stressed out slave and all He will say is "I know you will get it all done."  I am glad He has so much faith in me because right now I could just scream.

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