Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Easter is done. The eggs have been found. The food has been eaten. And all 17 guests are gone. I am exhausted.

Our life is as crazy as always. No one knows our lifestyle except for my little sister (who just found out last week) so I am always scared I will slip up. I am not ashamed of our life but I don't think they will understand how it works. They will all think He is abusing me and that is so far from the truth. I tried my best to follow the rules and I think I did really good. And He never gets upset with me for messing up with my Mom in the house.

I am now going to go clean up the mess and fix us something light for dinner. Then I have to get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow I have an IV Iron treatment and then we drive to the city for my surgery on Tuesday. I am very nervous - not so much about the surgery but I am scared for my recovery. He does not cook. He does not clean. He does not set our schedule, or run the kids around, or do the shopping. My house will be a disaster by the time I am better.

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