Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Nice Reminder

It is always nice to be reminded of my role in this relationship - even when I am recovering from a major surgery. Tonight I hopped in the shower to wash up and relax a little bit and He joined me. We always shower together but I have had the shower to myself for the last week.

While I was washing my face I felt him behind me. He wasn't touching me but I knew he was there. I started to turn around and I felt his arm wrap around my shoulder. His hand wrapped around my neck. He gently pushed me up against the cold shower wall. I was trapped between the heat of his body and the cold wall.

I did not do anything for him. I never touched him. He needed to feel his power over me. He wanted to hear me struggle to breathe as his fingers wrapped tightly around my neck. He emptied himself across my ass and then quietly left the shower.


  1. Hi, welcome to blogland

    Its often i find its these little things that give one the reminder and the comfort of knowing ones place.

  2. Thank you for the Welcome!

    Its the little things that make the biggest impression on me. He was so gentle but so strong at the same time.