Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Post About Nothing

I haven't posted lately. I know...Bad Bad Slave. Really I have a good reason. Well I kinda have a reason but it probably isn't good.

My life is boring.

Yup. There it is. I have found that without Him here I am a very boring person. And now I am going to bore you with a post about nothing. We are in the 60 day countdown. I don't know when, but sometime in the next 60 days He will come home. (As long as the Air Force Gods don't change anything! Fingers Crossed.) His homecoming also means our move is coming up and fast.

My To Do list is crazy and I am running out of energy. The last two weeks have had me cleaning, scrubbing, painting, and staging the living room, dining room, and kitchen for photos. The Realtor did not like my beautiful brown walls. He said they were "Dark" and "Unwelcoming". Ok. I guess they might seem that way to some but to me they were a welcomed sight. Living in military housing for years and years made me dislike white (or any light color) walls. I have painted all the main rooms a beautiful light (Realtor approved) tan. Or off white. Well it sucks. But the rooms look bright and cheerful and larger.

Then I had to remove the rocking chair, and the little table, and my glass turtles, and my pictures, and everything from the "Daddy Wall", and anything else that says we live here. My house is now boring and empty. The Realtor called it "spacious and inviting". So tomorrow I will put up new artwork in the place of my family photos and take the pictures. I just hope it helps our house sell or rent.

So there you have it. I am Boring. He needs to come home to give me some new blog post ideas.


  1. When you read this.....you don't have a boring life. You have a busy life. No it isn't filled with sex and spankings and punishment, but it is filled with love. I love you baby girl. Thank you for posting for me.


  2. Girl you are by no means boring ❤️. Call it a lull right now :) xoxox

    1. I keep checking your blog and there is nothing......I miss reading it. Love you!

  3. I agree - not boring at all! My Master is Military as well (back 1 year now since last Deployment)- so I can relate to alot of what you write about. Glad to know he will be CONUS soon. I know the countdown drill very well! Good luck on the house sale.


    1. I always feel so alone in our lifestyle but I keep finding military couples like us. Its nice to know we are not alone.

      The countdown would be better if I had an actual date but I will be so happy to get the phone call to pick Him up. It has been a long year.

  4. Oh hon, the day is coming soon! Keep hanging in there! You've done so awesome during this deployment. While staying busy may seem boring and vanilla, it makes the days go by and gives you something to focus on. :)

    And remember, my email is always there if you just wanna chat or vent or anything else! :)