Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rocks and Boys

We have two boys. They are already very "manly" in their young ages (11 and 5) and I am usually so very proud of them. They open doors for women and pick up trash when they see it. They always have something nice to say to their friends and never shy away from hard work. They really are on the right path. My Mother In Law gave me a lot of advice after the birth of our first son. Most of it revolved around me being a horrible Mom and her needing to raise D for us. But....there was this one piece of advice that has helped me through the years.

No matter what I do, they will always grow up to be a man. I just get to help decide if they will be a good man or a bad man. But they will still be a man in the end.

She said it with a sick hatred of men but her words have stuck with me for all these years. Tonight, as I was sitting in the ER with A, her words kept flowing through my mind.

A decided on Friday to EAT A ROCK?!? Why would he do that? He didn't tell me that was what was wrong with him until last night. He has had stomach problems since Friday but in his 5 year old mind, the two things were not connected. So today we spent 5 hours in the ER trying to get XRays and the all clear. Thankfully the rock passed through him but it did a lot of damage to his system. He has inflammation and such throughout his digestive system which is making him miserable. The Dr was wonderful and decided to tell A, in great detail, what happens if a rock gets stuck in his stomach. He described the surgery and every cut and pull they would have to make in order to reach a rock way down in his tummy. By the time the Dr was done, A was apologizing and promising to never eat anything ever again. I really like that ER doc.

I am having a really hard time having sympathy for him. I mean really, HE ATE A ROCK! I don't normally feel sorry for stupidity but he is my baby.

So, as I was sitting in the ER listening to the Dr scare the crap out of my son, I thought about what kind of man he is going to become. His future isn't looking too good today.


  1. So glad he is ok!! I promise he will turn out to be just fine though. Our son, who has now been in the service for several years, once decided that it would be a good idea to hang from a tree branch by his overalls. Obviously, the branch broke. Not one of his finer moments!!

  2. This is an older post, but I am playing catch up here. Like little said, I am glad he is ok. Boys do the silliest things, one of mine as a younger one once stuck a popcorn kernel way up his nose and it got lodged way in there. They are boys - and the the things they do will sometimes amaze us, terrify us, or just make us shake our heads. I have 4 of them and we have had many moments! lol. You're raising them right.. they will be just fine! :)

    1. My two keep me running like crazy- I can not imagine 4!