Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Feeling a Little Old

This week A and D both have their birthdays - A is 5 and D is 11. Where did the time go?

It seems like yesterday when D was a baby and we were lost new parents just trying to make ends meet. We were lucky to have each other and Sir was determined to give us a good life. He joined the military shortly after D needed surgery and we had to pay out of pocket. It was like we didn't really grow up until He signed on that line.

Our lifestyle isn't always easy with two loud boys running around and we rarely get a night out alone. Maybe when He comes home we will be able to have a date night or two. I can not imagine our lives without them but I really do like to have time with just Him. (I am a little selfish that way.)  Our boys are growing into strong young men and I see their dad in them more and more every day. D wants to join the military and be EOD like His Dad. He made this decision several years ago. Everything he does seems to be working to that goal. A just wants to be a super hero....Its kinda the same thing.

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