Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good but Not Right

So much is going right, but something still feels off about our life. We are starting to get the swing of things and the move is just another milestone in our life now. We have a schedule (that is messed up with the start of summer) and are finding our places around our new home. But we are still not "us".

Maybe we never will be again. I hope that isn't the case but He has been home for four months now and we have not made that much progress. I am not going to give up but until we are back to "normal" I will just have to write about more mundane things like my garden and our home.


With the move came a lot of changes. One of which is my new garden plot. I have never had a garden away from the house but I am really enjoying it. We will get to keep it as long as we live here so it is kinda like our own little farm. Daddy has helped me get everything planted and set up. We spent last weekend out there putting down mulch on almost half of it since we are fighting weeds like crazy. I refuse to use any chemicals out there so everything is done the old fashion way with lots of hard work and tears. I really think we are going to have a great harvest off of our little piece of land.

Another thing that has changed (or is in the process of changing) is our finances. Daddy asked me to figure out a way for us to stick to an actual budget. We are horrible with impulse buying and that ends up hurting our long term goals. I started using "You Need A Budget" with all their helpful classes and programs. I really like it and I think it will actually make a huge difference in the long run. Daddy still approves our spending but we both are able to focus more on the goals and less on the impulses. We will see how we feel about it in a few months.

It feels really good to be able to put some of my thoughts back into my blog. Hopefully I don't bore everyone to death. Now I am off to pick up the oldest monster from his last day of school and to brave Walmart for two little items.


  1. You guys seem like hour headed the right direction now. ❤️... It will get better as time goes on. Good your blogging again !:)

    1. I hope we continue to move in the right direction....Only time will tell.

      I do miss reading your blog and texting with you. You have so many changes in your life right now so I do understand.