Sunday, February 15, 2015

House Hunting

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. He returned on Saturday and we flew to our next base to house hunt on Wednesday. The boys went to spend the week with my parents so we were able to have a little time together. I personally HATE to fly. Well I take that back - I love to fly. They just need to come up with a way to fly without take offs and landings.

We spent three days looking at houses with our Realtor. They all started to blend together after about the first five. By the 30th house I was completely lost. Thankfully we took lots of pictures of the "Maybe" homes and had one "It will Work Home" in the mix. Then we saw THE HOUSE. It took less than 5 minutes before we were sure it was the one. We were the first family to see the house but after only 10 minutes there another family showed up. Our Realtor left in a run to put in our offer. After a short bidding war they took our offer and we went under contract on our new home on Monday. It is perfect and I even get my own room for crafts and (as Daddy calls it) crap. I think it will also be a great guest room. Maybe. I may not want to share.

The house is huge compared to our current one- Almost 600 sq ft bigger. I did not think it would make that much difference but it really does. The best part about the house is that the boys will be on the lower floor and we will be upstairs. We will finally be able to have a little privacy.

The boys are so excited and have spent a lot of time looking over the pictures we brought them. They have already claimed the family room since it house surround sound for their video games. There is even talk about putting in "gaming" chairs instead of traditional furniture. I really think I will win that fight.

We finally returned home on Tuesday and have been running ever since. The amount of stuff left to do is overwhelming but I am sure it will all get done. They come to pack the house in two days so I have to get ready to "camp" in almost empty houses for the next month. I really hope we are able to close on our new house a little early but I do not think we are that lucky.


  1. Congrats on the house and so glad that you two have been reunited!!

    1. Thank You! It is so good to have Him home again.