Monday, March 2, 2015

Move Update

We are officially in Utah.

Our move did not go smoothly. We drove for two days in a blizzard pulling trailers through the mountains. The snow and ice was so bad that my Pathfinder was having a hard time. The ice was completely packed into the engine and the trailer I pulled was so covered in ice that it pulled the wiring for the lights completely off the trailer. We did not make it to the reserved cabin the first day. Thankfully we found a hotel that would take most of our animals (and we snuck in everyone else).

We drove 12 hours the second day and made it to Salt Lake City during rush hour, in a snow storm, with no trailers lights. I am proud to say that I drove through it all and I made it safely to the boarding facility and no one died. AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!

So we are in a hotel for the next week or so. Nothing really fun is going on and we are just trying to find some sort of normalcy.

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  1. Omgosh- that sounds like some adventure and I agree- "NEVER AGAIN" is a great motto. I hope the next week is easier for you !